Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Birthday My Dearest Better-Half

If I ever taken you for granted
Please forgive me
If I have ever hurt your feelings 
Please accept my apology
If I have ever compromised on your happiness
Believe me it was done unintentionally
Today is the perfect day
To seek your forgiveness
To tender every single apology
As you deserve the finest
Thank you for always be kind
May you always be mine.
Happy Birthday My Dearest Husband 

 ❤  You To The Moon And Back!  


Dinas Aldi said...

Happy birthday to your better half. Semoga berbahagia berdua hingga ke Jannah, amiin :)

zard said...

Dinas Aldi,

Aamiin ya Rob, aamiin ya Rahman aamiin ya Rahim..Jazakillah khairon Dinas..