Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spy Cat - Zorro a.k.a. Romeo

This morning when I was about to lock our front door, I heard my better half said, "No, tak mau" and I being kaipochi (nosy parker) bertanya, "you cakap dengan siapa tu?"
My better half answered, "Zorro!" I automatically shrieked " aaaa ahhh!!" bukan sebab takut, bukan sebab benci apalagi menyampah tapiii gua rindu babe.. Yes, i missed him so much even though he isn't mine.. and I think he misses me too .. Tak caya.. Meh tenguk bukti..

Ever since you went away

Every hour of every day

I miss you like crazy, I miss you baby, No matter what I say or do, There's just no getting over you..
Yang bestnya, for the first time I dapat pet him, garuk2 his body, rubbed his tummy.. Thanks sweetheart! So sekarang boleh pi makan..

Bismillahirahmanirrahim..Allah Humma .. (Sambung sendiri..)

Nom nom nom

Feast yourself ya Zorro, no shi shi or poo at my house please.. If Bruno datang NO fighting ok..
p/s: his visit really perks up my morning! Alhamdullilah.
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