Saturday, May 19, 2012


Belle was born (might be) on 20/8/2007, tak sure sebab she was delivered kat atas bumbung and masa dia terjatuh dari situ and my better half nak sambut, tiba2 dia macam bounced and kedepek jatuh kat lantai. Alhamdullilah she was not hurt, from that day onwards she and her mom Blackie. Masa masih nursing lagi, dia dah pernah kena warded sebab paws dia terkoyak and I don't have the gut to do the dressing.. Takut woo..

When i looked into the book of Felines, I rasa Belle ni decendent of California Spangled ..yang orang kita suka cakap warna cicak lah..coklat belang lah.. Bukan..bukan..bukan.. California Spangled ye .. Ye memang wa where's your pain?

Belle ni since kecil, I perhatikan, she always thought that we are her parent sebab bila kami tidur, she will sleep in between us and asik ikut either one of us. She is quite funny tau, sebab dia pandai pura2 tidur and when kami cuba kejutkan dia cakap "bangun Belle, your friends dah datang" nanti she will tossed and turned and continue sleeping (kononnya). But cuba kami bangun and nak turun bawah or go somewhere, tetiba je Belle akan bangun juga, siap menguap and stretching.. Haha.. Yang kesian adalah mak dia Blackie tu, she always ignore her. If her mom macam nak gurau2, she always gave a snarl.. Belle dulu tak kepala angin, if any of her siblings hissing kat dia, dia just buat bodo and go out of their way.. Very sabar until...

Bila kami decided to convert our small backyard to their (the cats') place, that was our mistake, leaving her with the siblings but allow Baby and Lady to stay inside with us (ada sebab why these two stays inside..nanti ada masa I cerita), starting from that day, her anger burst, dia loves to provoke others.. She really acted macam a rebellious teenager.

I hope when she comes home, she would love the new place that we purposely bought just for her (mungkin bagi Tupai tinggal sekali so Belle tak sunyi) hopefully she will be back to her actual self yang dulu.

Belle, I'm so so so sorry and you must know I always love you darling.

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myrozza said...
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myrozza said...

Hehehe...sorry tak baca citer bawah. Terus jump into conclusion. Pity Belle....get well soon...
Pasni jangan rebel lagi ye..