Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I read a very sad and touching entry about a lovely lady who lost the love of her life.  Her better half was abruptly taken away from her due to a car accident.  It was sad when I read the sentence

She could still picture the scene, as clear as day in her mind. She teased him back asking if he wanted to marry another one as suddenly he craved for nasi minyak orang kahwin and he said to her with such love in his eyes & lifting her chin saying how in the world could he even think of having another woman when Allah has bestowed him the greatest woman of all, his beautiful wife


He was all that she had. There were no off-springs to continue his legacy and for her to be comforted & surrounded in times of loss. When you love someone so much, sharing their joy, laughter, sadness, fears & dreams and to have that taken from you in an instant. No nothing...

Similar our marriage, we are not blessed with children, perhaps to others it may be seen as a handicap but not to us.  We have accepted what Allah S.W.T. has prepared for us, only HE knows what is best for our marriage.  In the second sentence, even if the grieving lady has a child, the child’s love can never soothe the pain as she longed for her partner and no other.

Even I don’t really know who she is but being a sister in Islam, may Allah S.W.T grant Jannah to her better half and may Allah relieve and ease her sadness, till they unite again. Insya Allah, Aminn. Al-Fatihah.


myrozza said...

Al Fatihah

zard said...

Sedih i baca.. Tadi masa i cerita kat my better half sebak lg.. Berjiwa sensitip rupanya i ni..