Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who's To Blame?

A day before yesterday, masa kami sedang kemas our cats' place, we noticed a small pool of blood near the sinks. Apalagi we start checking each one of them siapa yang tercedera. Found out, it was Belle, Blackie's 1st born.
She was wounded which we thought kat pangkal ekor. When we took her to the Veterinary Hospital at Pinggiran Ukay today, rupa2nya nearly half of her ekor koyak, ada blood clots and some muscle kat situ been ripped.

Poor Belle, I could guessed who are the suspects..kalau tak kerja Sox, mesti Nino, tak pun Hachiko (but this guy tak brutal sangat) or else it will be Jacob. I can't say Belle tak buat salah..actually Belle loves to create provocation to those 4.. sebab dia suka buli Salem Sabenhagen. Those 4 macam Blood Brothers dgn Salem.. (mind you, Belle tu sebenarnya part of their siblings tu, yg tak ada kaitan adalah Hachiko).

Tadi the doctor told us that Belle kena warded for 5 to 7 days as the wound needs daily dressing and for observation takut any serious infection. Gosh, I rasa bersalah sangat sebab tak take her to Emy immediately, but I did hint to my other (can't call him BETTER as he did not heed my suggestion) half tapi biasa lah org lelaki ni semua nya ambil mudah. Pandai plak tadi buat muka sedih..

Belle, cepat sembuh darling, when you come home, we have a new comfortable place just for you and Tupai. Tak perlu lah share dengan the others lagi.

Pada sesiapa yang sudi mohon doa untuk kesihatan Belle ya.

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myrozza said...

Semoga Belle cepat sembuh..