Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Mommy & The Babies

Ni cerita malam semalam, usually every friday evening, after work my better half and I will go berjimba ler kat town, tapi not last night sebab both of us were worried about the new born babies yang Chomel decided to be their mommy.

Upon seeing them, my better-half uttered, "She really knows how to make us look stupid.. " I sengih je lah.. This what my furry angel has arranged.

Aiks..mana anak2 Chomel pi??
Laaa  kat sini semuanya..
" maaa.. maa.."
Tapi after cleaning the place, we decided to separate the babies, overcrowded kami tenguk, but I'm sure, later Chomel will arrange them to one place.

Semalam Babies Chomel dah 12 hari, all of them dah buka mata. Bulat je..hehe

"eh eh.. maaa...maaa"
*yawn* zzzzzzzzZZZ
These pics were taken after their beds cleaned.

"bersih2 ya..sabarrrr"
*yawn* antukkk..
"maaaa ...aparrr...meeeekkk"


Aidah Othman said...

Owwhh.....comelnyaaaa. Kalau I tinggal nearby, jemulah U tengok muka I yang asik selalu bertandang visit kucing2 ni. So luckylah U, na.

zard said...

hehe..comelkan..tiap kali kemas, puas i cium2 mereka..hehe..

haha..kalau tinggal nearby you lah jemu dengar i gossip pasal kucing..haha